Below are examples of assessments from modules in the Faculties of Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, and Medicine, Dentistry & Health, which could inform our own alternative assessment practices.

LIT211: European Silent Cinema (shot-by-shot film analysis)

LIT260: Post-War British Realist Cinema (learning journal)

LIT266: Secrets and Lies: Victorian Life Writing (student-led seminar)

LIT270: Literature and Nonsense (anthology)

LIT3046: Sappho’s Granddaughters: Poetry by Women, 1789-1901 (presentation as ‘pitch to publishers)

LIT3060: War on Screen (short responses to films)

ELL114: History of English (commentary on texts)

ELL226: First Language Acquisition (experiment proposal)

ELL227: Language Attitudes (presentation, research poster & research report)

ELL234: A Sense of Place (journal entries, portfolio & group presentation)

ELL358: Dialectology Past, Present and Future (annotated bibliography & research report)

ELL364: Constructed Languages (essay)

IPA617: Digital Humanities: Textual Analysis (postings on VLE)

REL219: Jesus, Gospels and Christianity (un-essay)

HAR6021: Health Promotion (annotated bibliography) marking scheme & guidance

DEN504: Elective Study (video and storyboard) aims and objectives, extract & rubric